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Your News Second hammering for Woodbridge Amazons

An expectant Amazons team arrived in the drizzle of South West London ready to reassert themselves against Hammersmith & Fulham (H&F) having lost to the underdogs just a month ago. However, the first five minutes were a clear sign that H&F were up for the challenge with the Amazons under pressure from the off. Running good straight lines with ample support H&F were set to score a try in the opening minutes of the game but a strong, last-minute tackle by Amazons 10, Mead, forced a knock-on and helped Woodbridge out of a sticky situation.

With renewed vigor the Woodbridge Centres; Captain Stearn and Rickard switched and looped to gain the Amazons some ground moving safely out of the Woodbridge 22. However, a penalty to H&F saw the ball passed efficiently through the hands out to the Winger, Binfor, who scored a breakaway try for H&F in the 12th minute. Strong defence and some expert tackles pushed Woodbridge up the park but constant retaliation from H&F ensured that the remainder of the first half took place between the half way line and the Amazons 22.

In the fifth minute of the second half the Amazons looked lively shipping the ball through the hands to their 14 Johnson who slithered through the H&F defence to score an exciting try. The Hammers immediately fought back containing play to the Woodbridge 22 for the next fifteen minutes. At one point a H&F driving maul did get the ball over the try line but a committed Grainger and Fletcher (Amazons 5 & 6) managed to get their bodies on the line to prevent the ball from being grounded.

Woodbridge displayed awesome resilience as the Hammers continued to keep them under pressure just metres from their try line. In the 27th minute the H&F force became too much for the Amazons and they conceded a try to the Hammers 5, Kelly, as a result of a textbook rolling maul following a line out.

Final score: Hammersmith & Fulham 10 - Woodbridge Amazons 5

Woodbridge Amazons: 1 Hayley Charles, 2 Beth Kinlan, 3 Debbie Dumbill, 4 Ali Hale, 5 Karen Fletcher, 6 Charlotte Grainger, 7 Alice Reidy, 8 Stephanie Cotton, 9 Morven McAlpine, 10 Kat Mead, 11 Michaela Woodley, 12 Lou Rickards, 13 EJ Stearn (Capt), 14 Emma Johnson, 15 Titilia Maharaj. Replacements; 16 Emily 17 Paula French.

Hammersmith & Fulham: 1 Steph Scaramella, 2 Ingrid Ashton, 3 Kat Butler (Capt), 4 Janna Aso, 5 Ciara Kelly, 6 Vao Maava, 7 Clothilde Bressac, 8 Amanda Afoa-Peterson, 9 Nisha Basson, 10 Sophie Tauchert, 11 Ulli Kapl, 12 Alex Attwood, 13 Audrey Courteille, 14 Leafy Binfor, 15 Alicia Fidler. Replacements: 16 Jess Meldrum, 17 Ellaine Gelman, 18 Vivian Fruchier, 19 Louise Lumley, 20 Zoe Hooton, 21 Rose Grissell, 22 Bethan Roberts

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