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Your News Salford University girl Carol is dream recruit

When Carol Amoako-Adofo arrived at the University of Salford last year, she had no experience of rugby union at all, other than a vague belief that pace and aggression were valuable components.

Yet such has been the enthusiasm and learning capacity of the 20-year-old Ghanaian student that she has not only graduated into a more than competent player, but she has also added a string of coaching and teaching qualifications to her fund of rugby knowledge.

When RFU Development personnel and university rugby club workers attend Freshers' Fayres hoping to attract new recruits to their sport they dream of people like Carol and Salford certainly pulled out a plum she arrived at the stand, listened to the spiel and decided that rugby might have something to offer.

"Previously I had done athletics, but having been involved in an individual sport, I wanted to try a team game," she says: "I thought that my speed and my aggression might be suited to rugby and that's how it has worked out. I was really looking forward to the sport before I got started, but I've enjoyed it even more than I expected. It's been great.

"The coaching side of the game has also worked out well with my studies and that's another aspect of the game that I enjoy. I like working with other freshers on their rugby skills and also with children. I'm doing some work with the younger end at Ashton-on-Mersey RFC. It's a bit scary at first when you are putting a session together and delivering it to the kids, but I've been watching other coaches in action and hopefully will have learned something from them.

"Since I became involved as a volunteer on the coaching side, everyone has been very helpful."

Since that fateful moment at the Freshers' Fayre, she has immersed herself in the game, not only enjoying being part of the University team on Wednesday afternoons, but also expanding her horizons into coaching at club and school levels.

She attended a number of the Development Days that were organised in Manchester for new female players during the five-week period between the start of term and the new season beginning for the girls.

At the same time she expressed an interest in the Rugby Ready and Level One course which were organised across the three Greater Manchester Universities and she attended and excelled, showing a real empathy for the game and how it could/should be delivered.

Predictably, she passed both courses with flying colours and has been CRB checked allowing her to assist with coaching sessions.

"Playing wise, she is helping Salford University to battle for honours at the top of the table, but she has also completed the disciplines and checks to enable her to become involved in coaching." says Chris Townsend, the Manchester RFU Student Liaison Officer.

"As a result of making her time available to the RFU, Carol has now been accepted onto the Trafford Leisure's Volunteer Programme and will be working in local disability schools as she looks to complete her degree in Exercise, Physical Activity and Health. She will use the placement to formulate her final year's project.

"The most recent stage of her development came on Sunday when she started work with Ashton on Mersey Rugby Club, where the support of Janet Attenborough and Community Rugby Coach Jason Duffy has laid the foundations for her to get involved.

"Carol really is a classic example of someone from outside rugby taking to it like a duck to water and making real strides in a short space of time. The fact that she has been able to add a completely new dimension of work and play to her life as a student is something lots of students, both men and women, could consider."

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