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Home > News > Bradford & Bingley 13 - Fylde 28
Your News Bradford & Bingley 13 - Fylde 28

Fylde travelled to Bradford hoping to improve on a disappointing away record whilst Bradford had ideas of their own in trying to climb out of the relegation places. The game kicked off on a cold but pleasant day with a steady wind blowing down the pitch which Fylde played into in the first half.

Bradford withstood some early Fylde pressure with Martin Wallwork and Sam Beaumont working together to suck in players and create space out wide. Bradford coped and using the wind began to exert some dominance and pressure of their own on Fylde who struggled to get out of their half for long periods.

Bradford scored a simple try when the 10 glided through and picked out one of his support runners to finish wide out. Fyldes defence looked disorganised however from this point on it steadied up with good communication from the backs ensuring that any numerical advantage or space that Bradford created was quickly snuffed out. Bradfords back rows worked hard to slow down Fyldes ball and gained a couple of turnovers and used offloads to good effect to test the Fylde defence.

Fyldes lineout was tested early on with Bradford throwing up 2 jumpers in an attempt to disrupt and steal ball, but Fylde countered this by throwing to the back with Johnny Roddam hitting everything with his pinpoint throwing.

Fylde pressure from a great 30 yard maul with Nick King and Ali Atkinson at their best created space out wide which wasnt taken advantageous of due to a dropped ball.

Bradford capitalised on another Fylde mistake when a kick was fumbled near half way but great last ditch tackles from Jack Ward and Dave Wilkes restricted the damage to only three points instead of seven, 8-0 Bradford.

Fyldes maul looked strong and was gaining ground every time, but Bradford kept Fylde at bay when defending a lineout 5 metres out, Bradford countered well forcing Fylde to spread the ball it was subsequently knocked on in midfield, two penalties for coming off the scrum too early and hands in the ruck led to Bradford being able to kick to touch with a lineout 5 yards out, Mark Nelson caged in his technical area like a wild animal was not impressed.

From the lineout the Fylde pack stood firm and stole the lineout with disrupting influences Atkinson and Laurie Smith doing their jobs. Fylde decided to spread the ball from a resulting scrum 10 yards from their line, Mike Waywell timed a pass well to send Taylor Welch in some space, he galloped to the half way line just keeping onto the ball before the attack broke down.

A Bradford scrum on the half way several plays later was shoved off the ball with props Andrew Irving and Adam Lewis increasingly beginning to dominant the front row skirmish which became a key factor in the game later on. From this scrum the backs got moving and straight forward hands and good running lines put Jack Ward through a huge gap in midfield, he didnt panic when the onrushing fullback came towards him and put his centre partner Alex Hurst in for his 3rd in 2 games.

This try from the last play of the half was crucial and Fylde trailed 8-7 despite not having much territory or possession, which was down to a well organised opposition and a strong breeze.

Fylde came out in the second half after stern words from the coach and immediately the difference was obvious, as much as they were dominated in the first half they did the same to Bradford in the second and more. The scrum was increasingly solid and providing a good platform for the backs, who looked lively and dangerous until the final pass, several breaks from Hurst and miss passes from Barlow all came to no avail due to sloppy hands. This continued pressure was also exerted up front with the forwards in the set pieces and open play beginning to get on top, Fyldes back row gained the upper hand in this key contest speeding up ball and ensuring Fylde had more options in attack.

A Barlow half break and offload from a scrum was dropped by Ward with the try line screaming out. However Jack made amends from the resulting scrum after pressure up front led to the ball shooting out, Jack was able to grab his opposite man and drag him over the line, a very satisfying moment, to give the Fylde pack another chance. Smith and Beaumont almost crashed over in quick succession, a Bradford infringement of coming from round the side looked a certain yellow but the offender escaped even a telling off.

Eventually Bradford ran out of men and a great miss pass from Barlow, combined with soft hands from Ward gave Waywell enough time to shimmy over in the corner for a well deserved score, the touchline conversion slotted with aplomb. 8-14.

A Fylde error off the kick off gave Bradford a chance but hard hits from Lewis and Smith forced them back with a rugby league style rip from Alex Hurst forcing the turnover and a booming kick from Barlow led to several phases in the Bradford 22. Lewis suddenly emerged from a ruck with the ball and was charging towards the line, with the Fullback to beat he tried to dance and sidestep like Shane Williams but looked more like Martin Williams, he did still managed to offload to Wilkes in support who was held up. From the resulting scrum Ali Atkinson burrowed over for a forwards score that was very well deserved. 8-21.

Sam Russell introduced himself to league rugby with a barnstorming run, direct is the best way to describe it with defenders queuing up to bring him down but none succeeding. Mark Friar also on as replacement had some equally direct carries to good effect.

Pete Altham came on playing against some old friends from Wharfedale and put in some hits that make you wonder if thats what he does to his friends how hard he would hit his enemies! 3 big hits and a 10 yard run in which he burst through 2 tackles for his first try for the club and a well received bonus point try.

Bradford came back with Matt Gargett working hard to hold out attacks on opposite wings. However Bradford got a deserved score at the end with the conversion attempt summing up their day, rebounding off the post.

Mark Nelson aptly described it with the well worn clich that it was a game of two halves

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