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Home > News > Wimbledon Ladies 37 - Woodbridge Amazons 0
Your News Wimbledon Ladies 37 - Woodbridge Amazons 0

A bright and breezy Wimbledon welcomed an under-strength Amazons for this top-of-the-table clash. Both teams were unbeaten in the league and so someone was up for their first loss.

From the whistle it became clear that the hosts had a potent back line, they were quick up and kept the Amazons pinned in their own half despite some cheeky snaffles and punchy outings from Lou Rickard the Amazon No12. Wimbledon were penalised frequently in the first passages of play but the visitors failed to capitalise - dropping passes and knocking on - and Wimbledons Hannah Gutteridge eventually scored. The kick-off attack was quashed and Wimbledon took back the attack getting Olivia Patterson over under the posts. Despite an Amazons rally with a couple of forays by Rickard and Johnson some more poor handling and good covering by Wimbledon allowed Hannah Gutteridge to get her second.

The hosts Marie Myles put in a huge drive at the restart and established a base to maul and get Gutteridge over yet again despite strong efforts from the Amazons forwards. The final 20 mins saw Wimbledon tries by Lisa Poulton, Kate Whittaker and Olivia Patterson and a fine try-saving tackle by Amazon Emma Johnson. All-in-all not the Amazons finest hour but a sterling effort by the pack and a team effort to overcome injury and position changes to keep the deficit to Wimbledon: 37 - Woodbridge Amazons: 0.

Woodbridge Amazons: 1 Hayley Charles, 2 Sam Burton, 3 Deb Dumbill, 4 Ali Hale, 5 Karen Fletcher, 6 Alice Reidy, 7 Sarah Cousins, 8 Stephanie Cotton, 9 Georgina Whitfield, 10 Michaela Kersey, 11 Amy Smith, 12 Lou Rickard (Capt), 13 Titila Maharaj, 14 Kat Mead, 15 Emma Johnson.

Wimbledon: 1 Anna Yardley (Capt), 2 Vanessa Stevens, 3 Sophia Popadopoulos, 4 Charlotte Willis, 5 Marie Myles, 6 Emily Campbell-Jones, 7 Louise Gould, 8 Jen van der Eem, 9 Lisa Paulton, 10 Karen Williams, 11 Jo Linklater, 12 Hannah Gutteridge, 13 Catherine Nightingale, 14 Olivia Patterson, 15 Kate Whittaker.

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