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Your News Broadstreet 0 Loughborough Students 63

Broadstreet were outclassed by a well drilled Loughborough side at the Ivor Preece Field, a knock on from the very first kick off was a sign of things to come as the visitors kicked a penalty within the first minute (Broadstreet 0 Loughborough 3).

This put the students on the front foot and they had soon added another successful penalty in the 6th minute (Broadstreet 0 Loughborough 6). With both sides fighting for dominance in the set piece, it took till the 21st minute for the breakthrough when good feet from Loughborough number 10 Drake broke through the slow broadstreet defence to pop inside for number 8 Hughes, Drake also added the extras (Broadstreet 0 Loughborough 13).

More Loughborough pressure, on 28 minutes Drake collected his own chip forward to score under the posts with an easy conversion (Broadstreet 0 Loughborough 20). In the 38th minute street gave away a penalty for a late tackle which Drake thankfully accepted adding another 3 points. (Broadstreet 0 Loughborough 23). On the stroke of half time Loughborough scored again, centre Lewis ran a good line offloading to Lambden to score, again converted.

Half Time (Broadstreet 0 Loughborough 30)

The second half started much the same for street and simple errors and poor defence allowed the students to score three early tries one for scrum half Pyrgos, one winger Cook, and the third from a good line out move finished by Lewis, 2 converted (Broadstreet 0 Loughborough 49).

The students playing an open game kept turning the street pack, and were gifted a try in the 69th minute scored by Cook converted by Drake (Broadstreet 0 Loughborough 56).

Street were defending constantly against the relentless Loughborough attack, and were denied any reward for their effort when Loughborough drove over from five metres through prop Parilli again converted.

Final Score (Broadstreet 0 Loughborough 63)


21. Nick Bingham

2. Carl Southwell

3. Joshua Loach Smith

4. Steve Hersey

5. Edward Simkiss

6. Nigel Mukerati

7. Simon Morris

8. Adrian Hall

9. Jordan Simpson

10. Gary Challis

11. James Hunt

12. Thomas Grimes

13. Andrew McGrory

14. Gregg Summers

15. Wayne Lester

17. Lynsay Bishop

18. James Rooke

22. Luke Talbot

1. Paul Hurst

19. Michael Hewitt

Loughborough Students

1. Matthew Berry

2. Neil Sweeney

3. Camilo Parilli

4. Jon Aston

5. Will Wardon

6. James Taylor

7. Mathew Reeves

8. David Hughes

9. Henry Pyrgos

10. George Drake

11. Kristan Cook

12. Owen Lewis

13. Nathan Lambden

14. Geraint Walsh

15. Russell Weir

16. Jack Steadman

17. Tom Cobb

18. Charlie Matthews

19. Oliver Robinson

20. Ross Turner

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