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Your News Woodbridge Warriors 27 - Thurston 12

Hot from winning three out of their four league games, Woodbridge gave a drizzly and overcast welcome to Thurston, a team that beat them home and away last season.

The first scrum set the mood for the game - the Warriors shoved with power and determination to unsettle a dithering Thurston. Despite some good line-out ball and the occasional effective rolling maul, Thurston were often caught by the rapidly advancing Woodbridge backs supported by their forwards. This combination kept Thurston pinned back and inevitably Bill Robinson scored (converted). Martin Dumbill took 3 points and put in a tremendous performance running from deep with a Warrior back line happy to attack the visitors all afternoon.

The hosts started the second half with a perfect set-piece, Martin Dumbill lofting a ball for the forwards to collect and recycle back to him to help Kieran Richardson touch down within a minute. The Warrior pack was relentless and fed their backs regular good ball which eventually yielded a converted try for the tactically substituted Oli Hurlock. Two minutes later and another superb effort saw in-form Martin Dumbill touch down. Thurston then came back against the run of play - uncharacteristically forcing the Woodbridge scrum back to give Andy Butler an unconverted push-over try. As a final act they targeted a weak Warrior line-out for Ben Sinclair to chip, collect, score and take some shine off an otherwise sound Warrior team effort.

Final score Woodbridge Warriors 27: Thurston 12.

Woodbridge Warriors:1 Karl Harris, 2 Shane Manning, 3 Simon Codd, 4 Jez Hannon, 5 Rob Hopkins, 6 Oli Hurlock, 7 Jimmy Mayhew, 8 Jono Cooke, 9 Tristram Steward, 10 Eddie Johnson, 11 Donovan Steward, 12 Bill Robinson, 13 John Yorke, 14 Iain Johnson, 15 Martin Dumbill. Replacements; 16 Tom Moseley, 17 Tom Cazelet, 18 Kieran Richardson.

Thurston: 1 Fran Naylor, 2 Andy Butler, 3 Rob Proctor, 4 Tom Mould, 5 Alastair Abercrombie, 6 Richard Belham, 7 Nigel Green, 8 Oliver Paxman, 9 Ashley Allen, 10 Christopher Hinton, 11 James Mould, 12 Ben Sinclair, 13 Ben Luke, 14 Simon Hale, 15 Thomas Tomasunghe. Replacements; 16 Duncan Wilson, 17 L Brown, 18 Craig Wilson.

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