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Your News Woodbridge Amazons fight back for victory

The travellers were disorganised under early pressure from an energetic Teddington who, despite often being outshone in the scrum, exploited the lineout and scrappy Amazon handling with good kicking from hand and back play. The hosts resulting early try was followed by a strengthening Woodbridge attack as their reshuffled line up slowly meshed and the hosts only managed 3 further points before half time. Eight points behind, the Amazons came alive at the restart and, with Laura Marsh moved to scrum half, put together three tries in 25 mins from Maharaj, Johnson and Capt EJ Stearn. Teddington showed character with a consolation try just before full time but it was the Amazons day with a turnaround victory.

Final score Teddington 13: Woodbridge Amazons 17

Woodbridge Amazons; 1 Hayley Charles, 2 Beth Kinlan, 3 Debbie Dumbill, 4 Alison Haile, 5 Karen Fletcher, 6 Sarah Jay, 7 Alison Churchie Reidy, 8 Steph Cotton, 9 Georgina Thompson, 10 Laura Marsh, 11 Samantha Burton, 12 Emily-Jane (EJ) Stearn (Capt), 13 Titila Maharaj, 14 Michaela Kersey, 15 Em magic Johnson, 16 Charlotte Granger, 17 Amy Smith, 19, Sarah Cousins.

Teddington; 1 Pat McCarthy, 2 Debbie Walsh, 3 Lindsey Topham, 4 Sarah Edwards (Capt), 5 Karen Griffin, 6 LJ Veale, 7 Ali Donnelly, 8 Di Jones, 9 Katie McBride, 10 Laura McKay, 11 Zoe Feenan, 13 Arabella Grant, 14 Emma Davis, 15 Nicola Collins, 16, Gre Tiele, 17 Nikki Harrison, 18 Erica Foster.

Referee: Joan Marsh

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