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Your News Sutton Survive Street Scare.

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p style="margin-bottom: 6pt;"span style="color: #008000; font-size: 14pt;"strongspan style="font-family: helvetica;"Sutton to Benefit from Home Advantage in Play-off.nbsp;/span /strong /span/p

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p style="margin-bottom: 6pt; text-align: justify;"span style="font-family: helvetica; font-size: 12pt;"img style="margin-right: 10px; float: left;" src="" alt="James-Otutaha" width="103" height="107" /This penultimate league match played at strongSutton Coldfield RFC/strong’s Walmsley Road was of the utmost importance to Sutton’s promotion play-off hopes. nbsp;Lose, and it could result in an away tie at strongHarrogate RFC/strong, due to inferior match points. A win pretty much ensured home advantage. strongBroadstreet RFC/strong; with mid-table safety, just needed to show that they are a better team than their league position indicates. Both teams sort of achieved their aims, with strongSutton/strong taking the four point win, although they had to rely on luck more than judgement, whilst ‘Street took their high-flying opponents all the way, with the visitors’ mistakes proving the only difference between the two sides on the day. The result could so easily have been the reverse writes strongBob Harcourt/strong Well fuelled, pre-match dinner attendees provided a sizeable crowd to spur on the home aspirants and the partisan banter was not without its purpose in seeking to guide the match official favourably through his paces. Sutton players, quite understandably hyped up over the task in hand, played physically and verbally on the edge, adding hugely to the competitive nature of this captivating encounter.nbsp; A strong wind swirled up the slope in strong‘Street’s /strongfavour the first half, which was joined by heavy drizzling rain after the break, contributing to several handling errors; otherwise both sides provided a highly entertaining match with ‘Street registering first points through a strongDanny Richards/strong penalty after 7 minutes play, following a deliberate knock on, with ‘Street promising to make the line, strong0-3.nbsp; /strongFrom the restart strongSutton/strong were penalised for illegal entry at the ruck but ‘Street lost possession from the resulting penalty lineout. This saw Sutton execute some fine, prolonged, phase play and only good ‘Street defence and an eventual turnover allowed the visitors to clear to half way. Following the line out Sutton infringed but strongRichard’s/strong penalty kick sailed wide on the 17 minute mark.nbsp; ‘Street pressed again, driving a lineout well, only to be thwarted by Sutton’s number 6 overtly fouling the drive, for which he earned 10 minutes in the sin-bin. ‘Street let Sutton off the hook when they were subsequently penalised for an early scrummage engagement.nbsp; Both teams put together some good midfield probes and from one by Sutton, just inside ‘Street’s half, ‘Street captain and scrum half, strongNick Thatcher/strong intercepted a slow pass and broke free. The cover closed him down but his timely pass to supporting centre strongAdam Walsh/strong gave the latter time to reach the line for a try wide right. strongRichards/strong missed the extras, strong0-8.nbsp; /strongIn time added, Sutton kicked ahead into their opponent’s half and gave chase. The covering strongAdam Walsh/strong was ‘Street’s only chance of winning the race for touch down but he was unceremoniously pushed over seemingly in front of the official. Despite strongWalsh’s/strong protestations, Sutton were, to his mind, questionably awarded a try in the right-hand corner, which went un- converted, strong5 – 8/strong.nbsp; The match continued and with 45 minutes on the clock, Sutton were awarded a penalty for a “hands-off” offence at a ruck in front of the posts. Sutton duly converted for three more points.nbsp; strongHalf Time: Sutton Coldfield 8 -8 Broadstreet./strong /span/p

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p style="margin-bottom: 6pt; text-align: justify;"span style="font-family: helvetica; font-size: 12pt;"From the restart, ‘Street number eight strongChris Wood/strong was injured leaping to win possession; being replaced by strongChris Zutic/strong. Play ebbed and flowed and after ten minutes Sutton were awarded advantage play at a 25 metre ruck for hands in and after a pass and kick and chase into the goal area, with ‘Street’s Walsh winning this race for the touch- down, the official took play back for the penalty to Sutton, strong11 – 8.nbsp; /strongStreet defended well from a penalty kick into their 22 and looked to move the ball out of defence after turning over Sutton’s possession. A wild pass saw Sutton regain the ball and Thatcher’s cover tackle forced the Sutton attacker into touch 10 metres out from ‘Street’s line. A ‘rush of blood quick throw in’ saw the second pass fumbled over line, allowing Sutton to drop on the ball for the easiest of gift tries. Converted, Sutton now had a 10 point cushion at strong18-8 /stronggoing into the final quarter.nbsp; At the 22 minute mark strongJames Otutaha/strong, having another powerful game burst passed several defenders and was only grounded a few feet of the Sutton line. ‘Street were penalised in the ensuing play and Sutton cleared up field. With condition making handling difficult, both sides put ball to ground and play slowed. Sutton had a good few minutes of play following an interception and only dogged defence in the right-hand corner prevented Sutton increasing their lead.nbsp; ‘Street flanker Beau Carney expressed umbrage over an unpunished Sutton hair-pulling incident on the generously hirsute Otutaha and was despatched to the bin for “inappropriate comment”. Thereafter, ‘Street could do no right. Penalty after penalty – 4 in quick succession at one stage - meant that they barely left their own half. Sutton, presumably looking to score two more tries for maximum points kicked to the corners in preference to the sticks.nbsp; However, clearly disenchanted at constantly being denied possession, the Broadstreet players threw their all into defence and refused to concede further to ‘no-side’ - a sad finale to what had been up until the last 15 minutes, an enthralling, well contested match, between two talented and adventurous outfits./span/p

p style="margin-bottom: 6pt; text-align: justify;"span style="font-family: helvetica; font-size: 12pt;"strongFINAL SCORE: Sutton Coldfield 18nbsp;/strongstrongBroadstreet 8./strong/span/p

p style="margin-bottom: 6pt; text-align: justify;"span style="font-family: helvetica; font-size: 12pt;"strongTeam:/strong Rust, Bicknell, Walsh, Otutaha, Preece, Richards, Thatcher, Pendleton, Wilkes, Warrilow, Purchase, Walton, Tucker, Wood, Carney. strongReps:/strong Hurst, Whittle, Zutic./span/p

p style="margin-bottom: 6pt; text-align: justify;"span style="font-size: 14pt;"strongspan style="font-family: helvetica; color: #008000;"Whilst this was a great team performance, in the forwards, loose head prop Harry Pendleton who, playing against his former colleagues stood strong, despite not being given the warmest welcome and, amongst the backs, steadfast centre pair James Otutaha and Adam Walsh, join Harry in edging the supporters’ vote.nbsp;/span /strong /span/p

p style="text-align: justify;"span style="font-family: helvetica; font-size: 14pt; color: #ff0000;"strongspan style="line-height: 115%;"Congratulations Sutton. Good luck for the play-off! You have a great squad; don’t let the chance go begging…!nbsp; nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;/span /strong /span/p

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