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Your News Club round up from Bishop Auckland

Following a disappointing set of results for all senior teams at the weekend, we are looking forward to a cracking weekend ahead.

There is the mouthwatering prospect of the local derby against Barnard Castle for the 1st XV, 2nds away to Darlington 2's and the 3rds away to Barnard Castle 2's. A great set of fixtures for all teams and something to look forward to for all spectators.

As league games go, there are few more anticipated than the Barnard Castle game, and this should provide some real excitement with never any quarter asked or given by both sets of players. We can look forward to some real high energy collisions and real intensity in this rivalry. There may be some changes to the team that finished the game against Redcar as injuries and availability issues are resolved and Bishop will be looking to raise their game several notches and take the game to the opponents.

This should also help to strengthen the 2's and 3's and they can look forward to enhanced squads and with coach Steven Colwell promising a tough week of training, the prospects must be improved. Important for all tams to put a poor weekend behind them and keep focused on improving and performing better.

On Sunday there are fixtures for U17s away to Stockton and following a narrow reverse to Horden, they will be looking forward to putting a W on the board. The U16's are away at Horden, which will no doubt be a strong challenge for the boys. U14's at home to Horden and U13's at home to Hartlepool. A strong set of fixtures, underlining the great strides the junior section is making.

Let's get as many supporters as possible to all fixtures and show that Bishop Auckland is a rugby club with great support and great belief in itself and with a real passion for the game and its players.

John Halladay

Bishop Ladies Rugby Raise 600 for Butterwick

Well where do we start ??

The sudden change in venue seems like a good one. The idea of a road trip seemed to perk everyone up and we set off in convoy to find the new venue. However far from being next to the school it was about half a mile down the road. With much confusion and changing of direction we eventually found our way to a field, complete with cowpats.

All the Ladies donned their shirts with our name BISHOP'S COUGARS emblazoned across our backs. The green of the shirt matching the way we were all feeling on seeing the massive inflatable course around which we were to compete. Emma Quinn, stepped into the breach last minute as a replacement for Judy Williams.

Our entrance, a mighty roar from the girls stunned the crowd (or so we'd like to think) and we were away.

Our first challenge was to construct a pillar. Jane and Tabitha held the base and we were away leaping cat-like over the giant inflatables to collect more and more pieces. Vicki Spence somehow managed to do the whole thing with a smile on her face.

Tower complete the team walked it towards the finish line...and it collapsed. We picked up the pieces and ran.

Next up was the Knock-out Olympics. Yet more inflatables. The cougars ran clutching medals to hand over to Emma. She was stood sporting a blindfold and a rather fetching sumo suit sticking them to an inflatable wall. Jan Brunskill showing what the cougars are made of with an impressive performance. Becca Butler, our last Cougar ran to collect 8 medals from the wall and race back again. Emma, getting more than she bargained for at this point, had to forge her way through the inflatables to the finish in her lovely attire.

At this point we thought we were doing quite well as we had remained dry.

That was all about to change...

The next challenge involved water, lots and lots of dirty water. Sat in a wheelbarrow, clutching a pail of water, the Ladies pushed each other over to Emma who transferred the water to yet more buckets. The aim? To transfer as much water as possible in a set amount of time. Much squealing ensued as the Cougars transported the buckets in very wobbly wheelbarrows

Our final hurdle was the one we had all been dreading. The aim: to transfer bags from one end of the inflatable to the other. The problem being that it was over a very soapy course.

Alex and Julie were up and over the course in no time. Karen completed her run covered in the most bubbles. Strong leadership from Sarah Sowerby ensured the girls put their all into each challenge and that we completed everything as a team.

The Cougars finished just outside of the silverware.

Butterwick managed to raise over 6000 of which around 600 was raised by the Cougars.

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