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All India and South East Asia Tournament

This tournament was held in Kolkata in mid September with Army A running out the winners 10-6 over Chennai Cheetahs for the second year showing they have again made progress in their development. The 3 imports in the Cheetahs although proving that they can a make a difference did not assist the inexperience and poor decision making made by other team members enough to pull off what would have been a surprise win.

The Semi Final saw Chennai sweep aside Army B and Army A easily defeat Future Hope whom were struggling with many injuries.

A real positive of the tournament was the improvement made by the newly promoted Jungle Crow team that held its own against tough and generally older and more experienced opposition. However due to the Patron Club system that still prevails in Indian club rugby they will be relegated back to Div II for the 2009 season.

The big disappointment of the All India would have to be Bombay Gymkhana who travelled with a much weakened side and had it not been a Patron Club would have been relegated to Div II for 2009.

Development Programmes

Although, as you will read later in this newsletter the National scene is in some turmoil it must be said that there is much going on in the development area of India Rugby.

The All India competition generally proved to be one of the most competitive tournaments in recent history with lots of news talent on display.

Rugby in Kerala has taken off with over 250 registered players men, women, girls and boys

It was great to see the enthusiasm shown by the 7 districts playing in the Kerala 7s tournament. This has been followed up with 2 of our SIRFA RDOs travelling to Trivandrum to conduct a two week coaching clinic for 100 players.

Rugby has been reintroduced to the Pondicherry area in the South and the All India Division III Championships are set to be stage there in early 2009.

And in the West the game is going from strength to strength with over 140 schools playing some form of the game. This is due to the hard work of WIRFU RDOs Pritom Roy and Shilesh Devrukhkar whove spent many weeks in the rural Maharashtra districts working with local community and school leaders to ensure that rugby gets it foot in the door for the future and resulting in several U16 teams being prepared for the Under 16 tournaments from rural India.

In the North Uttar Pradesh has formed a State federation with over 150 registered players. Mohanty and Nandu will be travelling to Lucknow in the very near future to ascertain development requirements and coaching resource needs.

Under 16 Boys All India Bhubansewar

Most of you will be now be aware that this tournament is scheduled for 20 -25th November in Bhubaneswar

Although we are still waiting for some regions to confirm numbers we are confident this will be Indias largest full contact rugby tournament ever.

Further details of pools, teams and other tournament details will be released in the next few days.

Please we need people to get behind and promote this great initiative and a big thanks to the central Region (Mohanty) in organising this event.

National 7s Team Update

Well not alot of great news here unfortuntatley! The team has been plagued by all sorts of challenges in its preparation for the past 2 tournaments it has played resulting in extremely poor results in both Tournaments

In Sri Lanka a very much under strength team (which on reflection should not have travelled) lost all games played against other International sides without scoring any points and the closest losing margin was 15 points!

Again this was followed up by poor preparation for the Asian leg of The 7s Rugby World Cup Qualifying played in Hong Kong where the team (India strongest possible combination) was exposed both fitness and skill wise with the team losing in pool play 0-47 vs. Sri Lanka, 0-52 vs. Korea, on day 1 and 0-36 vs. Singapore, 7-40 vs. Kazakhstan on day 2.

The squad has much work to do to ensure it does performance on the world stage in upcoming months through the build up to the Commonwealth Games in Delhi

India Rugby Football Union Forced to Cancel Participation in Asia Under 20 Tournament

In what has been a pretty negative month for Indian Rugby after the poor performances of the National 7s team the Indian National under 20 team has been forced to withdraw from the Asian under 20 Tournament to be held in Korea from November 2 - 11.

Player unavailability due to schools not releasing students due to exams, player enligibility due to incorreect registration information through clubs and region and lack of funding to bring the team together in a suitable time frame have all contrbuted to the result.

This must be seen as huge step back for the development of the game throughout India in the short term. Effectively with India not competing in this tournament it leaves a gap in the player developemnt programme regarding talent IDing players for Commonwealth Games 2010 and also for higher honours to the Full National team.

A lot of work must go in by those responsible for the Under 20 programme to ensure such a situation does not occur again in the future.

KISS To Tour Australia

Great news regarding the boys from the KISS school in Orissa, who travelled to Australia last month, achieving fantastic results winning 5 of their 8 games on tour. EXIM Bank who have kindly supported the Team in its endeavours through Australia.

Im sure the KISS Under 16 team will be favourites to take out the Under 16 tournament!

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