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Your News Lee Dickson's Churchill Cup Diary

We arrived in Canada on monday afternoon after a 7 hour flight which was ok if slightly boring, as most flights are! The banter amongst the lads was great and the morale seems to be high. There are the standard jokes knocking about as usual; practical jokes are a great way to pass the time as long as they don't happen to you...... One of the lads had his passport taken from him and he couldn't get through passport control for ages. Not high quality jokes though as you can see.

Arriving in Ottawa we had a light walk around the town and then the backs found some grass to play some cricket on and have a general muck around while the fowards went throught some line outs. Standard!! The forwards always have it so hard, they hate watching the backs p*** around when they never get the chance but we find it really amusing.

Tuesday morning we had a light training session including a bit of touch, a few games and a general run around to loosen off after which we were given the afternoon off. Ben Foden, Tom Biggs, Ant Allan, Steffon armitage and myself went to have a look around Ottawa, found out were the best places to go in the evenings and where was best to go for shopping - our Mrs will all be expecting presents when we get back from tour. In the evening a few of the lads went out for a few beers and a relax in town as we have had a long season and some down time from rugby is what is needed at this time of year.

Wednesday was a tough dat - we had a double training session. In the morning we did what backs hate; a bit of bosh and then split into units, the forwards did scrums and lineouts while the backs went throught their moves. After that we came together and put it all in to practice for 20mins as a team group.

The afternoon session involved some simple skills which are still really important at this level, then went into to 12 on 12 grab touch which turned in to full contact because some people never understand the word grab! Mostly they are fatties.....

Ryan Lamb had organised a poker tournament in the evening for all the lads and 15 players decided to play, so we had two tables organized, the top 3 from each table going through. With only two players left David Wilson from Newcastle and Ben Foden went head to head with Ben taking the victory. I would like to add that I finished 4th but that doesn't really mean a lot to be fair!

With only 1 session on Thursday we focussed on team organisational stuff, a bit off team defence and then a some team attack. The afternoon was off so the boys did their own things. Myself, Ben Foden, Steffon and Tom Biggs went to the mall for a wander about and a nice hot chocolate. A crazy life we live on tour, these hot chocolates are strong! The steaks we had at Al's Steak House were crazy though, they could have been whole cows I think but the lads loved it.

Tomorrow we have a team run through so I will be in touch again after the game on Sunday which we are all looking forward to now we are here and have some training under our belts.



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