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Your News YCAC Rugby Club - East Japan
address11-1 Yaguchidai

Yokohama Country & Athletic Club came into being (as the Yokohama Cricket Club) in 1868. Thirty two years later – exactly 100 years ago – the club played the first recorded game of rugby in Japan, against Keio University. The result of that match is not known, but the scores from the following years’ games show a sharp progression from a comfortable YCAC win in 1901 to a narrow 6-4 victory only six years later. Since 1903, the club has also played an annual fixture (the “Interport” game) against the Kobe Regatta & Athletic Club (KRAC). In 2001, YC&AC won a tight game at Yokohama 18-3. It was also around this time that Cornes, the trading company, started what was probably the first company team in Japan, and not long afterwards rugby had also taken root in Japanese high schools. The rugby section is now one of the YCAC’s most active. We field two teams almost every weekend during the season, as well as hosting popular over-35’s, 10’s and seven-a-side tournaments. The third of these, the Kansai 7’s, is a JRFU-sponsored event which has featured top players like Graeme Bachop, Jamie Joseph and Willie Offengauhe in recent years. The club tours regularly – we have won the Manila 10’s four of the last five years, have played in Thailand in November 2000. The highlight of 2000, however, was our centenary fixture on 9 December when we entertained a side from Keio University in a rematch of the first game in Japan. It was a match of contrasting styles – the fit and well-drilled Keio side played some sparkling rugby for the full 80 minutes, but struggled in close contact with the bigger YCAC side. Keio scored first and were ahead for almost the whole game. YCAC edged ahead with 5 minutes to play, but could not hold onto the lead against a side who would not stop running, and Keio finished victorious 36-27. Credit is due to both sides for an entertaining game played with full commitment, but always true to the spirit of the occasion.

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