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Your News Farnham Royal Rugby Club - Bucks Berka & Oxon South 1
addressFarnham Park
Beaconsfield Road
Farnham Royal
United Kingdom

Farnham Royal Rugby Union Football Club was founded in 1962. It was originally named Pennanians Rugby Union Football Club as it was a natural development from William Penn Secondary modern school. The PE teacher was Howell Hurn, a Welshman who loved the game of Rugby Union and it was his enthusiasm for the game, which saw rugby become accepted as an integral part of the school curriculum. In 1962 members used to change at the school, walk the mile or so to the Rugby pitches, finish the game, walk back and have a shower. The members would then cycle the 5 miles to a pub called The Printer's Devil, where they would extend the hospitality of a hot meal and an endless source of refreshments. All of this followed by various indoor games proved to be a highly successful way of recruiting local people from all walks of life into this great game of ours. Having held endless discos the club finally managed to save up enough to find a clubhouse. This was found at Farnham Park Playing Fields, which is where the founding members decided to put down some roots which, of course was not at all simple, in that they were to find out the meaning of commitment. This was a different form of commitment. It was no longer enough to turn up and play, now a business need to be run. They built the club with our own hands, in their own time, for the love of the game and the need for the freedom that comes with having your own club ground. They finished the building of the clubhouse in 1985. The end result being a Rugby club that is old fashioned in the way we want the game of rugby to be played, hard but fair, allowing players to express themselves on the pitch and when they come off the pitch to enjoy a good atmosphere that is conducive to an excellent spirit. We feel we have achieved all of this. In 2005 the name was changed to Farnham Royal Rugby Union Football Club. This was done to identify the club with the local surrounding area. In order to retain the heritage of the club we did not want to loose the name Pennanians so this has now been associated with the club first team.

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